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Commonly Misused Words #1

Other words that are commonly misused

• a lot (not alot)

it is always TWO words
I want a lot of chocolate

• accept/except

accept = to agree with, to receive
I will accept your gift.

except = to exclude
I want everything except onions.

• advice/advise

advice = the information that you give to another
Driving the speed limit is good advice.

advise = the act of giving information to another (verb)
I advise you to go the speed limit or you will get a ticket.

• affect/effect

affect = to influence (verb)
I hope to influence her to buy that pretty dress.

effect =the result of an action (noun) or the act of causing change (noun)
The effect of eating too much chocolate is that you can't fit in the pretty new dress because you gained weight.

• all right (not alright)

it is always TWO words
Don't worry because everything is going to be all right.

• already/all ready

already = previously
I already stopped eating the cookie I sneaked.

all ready = completely prepared
I am all ready to go to the movies.

• altogether/all together

altogether = completely, entirely
It is altogether too weird that the movie is only showing at one theatre.

all together = grouped
The marbles were all together.

• among/between

among = use with more than two
The box of chocolates were divided among three people.

between = use with two
What I'm about to tell you is strictly between the two of us.


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