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Commonly Misused Words #3

Other words that are commonly misused

• their/there/they're

their = belonging to them
Their house is gorgeous.

there = a direction
The house is over there!

they're = they are
They are lucky to have that house.

• then/than

then = to show time
We purchased popcorn and then the movie started.

than = to show comparison
I like unsalted popcorn better than salted popcorn.

• weather/whether

weather = atmospheric condition
The weather today is sunny and hot.

whether = indicates a choice
I will blast the music whether you want me to or not!

• who/whom

who = the subject of a sentence
Who goes there?

whom = the object of an action
I will deliver the book for you, but to whom?

• your/you're

your = belonging to you
Your purse is in the closet.

you're = you are
You're not getting your purse back until you eat some ice cream with me.


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