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What Are Icons?

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What is an icon?

An icon for a website has come to stand for an image, picture, or representation that stands for another site, blog or form. The icon is linked to these other places on the internet with HTML coding and when clicked will take the viewer directly to the intended location.

After you've learned all about RSS feeds, the next step will be to find the icon that you want to represent your feed. These images should be not only recognizable as to the intended action, but also should be appealing enough to entice the reader to click them.

The following are great places to find an icon image:

RSS Feed Icons

Feed Icons Ultimate List Really Cool RSS Icons
ProBlog Design
Smashing Magazine

Twitter Icons

Twitter Icon Factory
Twitter Icon
Blog Godown
Geek Sucks

Other Icons

Icon Archive
Icon Factory
Icon Dock
Icons Pedia
Free Icons Download
Icon Bazaar

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