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Improve Internal Linking


I've touched on cross-promoting before which is just another term for internal linking, but let's dive a little deeper into a few more tips to improve your Search Engine Optimization and increase traffic.

1. Use text links in your posts

You own blog will increase in content the longer you blog which will provide a treasure trove of information. While you are writing, refer back to older information on your blog and use text links in your new post.

2. Most popular posts text linked to the sidebar
Linking to your most popular posts boldly in your sidebar is great for you and your readers who might have missed your most magical posts.

3. Most popular posts image linked to the sidebar
This is the same as #2 except that you also include an image from the post to visually draw your reader to the posts.

4. Related posts with thumbnails at the end of posts
Use a widget such as LinkWithin to scan your blog and create an alternative post for your reader to visit after reading your current post.

5. Links in unused space
Use the wasted space on your blog to incorporate older post links and images. Often the bottom of a sidebar or the footer are empty, so fill them with your own links.

6. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
I haven't done this yet, but it is at the top of my "To Do" list. Create a page with internal links answering the questions that you repeatedly get in comments or emails. Also link posts that will help the reader better understand you and your blog direction.

How many of the above tips are you using? What do you feel is the best internal link source that you have on your blog/site?

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