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Wireless Internet

Thanks to Jonathon Woods

It’s hard being a real estate agent sometimes, especially when my clients don’t know exactly what they want. Often the wife will want a modern two story stucco number while the husband has his heart set on a brick colonial. These types of clients are nearly impossible to please! Usually when this happens I like to give out wireless internet providers pricing to my clients and point them toward the MLS listings in town. This way, they can see what’s out there and fight it out in the privacy of their own homes, coming to me only after they’ve more or less nailed down what they need me to find them. This makes it much easier on my end since I don’t spend tons of time trying to find common ground. Instead I get to focus on what I do best which is finding my clients a great, affordable house and then negotiating a deal for them. I love being an agent, but being a therapist is not part of my job description!

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Shaik said...

Thanks for the info! It is great revolution on broadband service, i have to purchase wireless modem! IT is very useful and carry easily!

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