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What Is Your Blog Topic? Tip For Choosing A Topic

The beginning of the blog journey starts with deciding the answer to a very important question. This answer will decide which direction your blog will move, who will read it, how it will be designed, and a million other factors.

What is your blog topic?

In order to write consistently on a blog, it needs to be a topic that you are knowledgeable about and enjoy discussing. If not, writing will definitely be a chore. No actually, it will be nose-to-the-grindstone work. So after you decide you want to blog, the first order of business is to decide what you are going to write about all the time.

What is your blog topic?

The question can seem overwhelming because there are so many topics you can discuss and that interest you. Let me help you a bit with a a suggestion that will guide you towards a blog topic. One that will fulfill your desire of writing a blog.

Why do you want to blog?

The answer to this question is vital to deciding the topic of your blog. Do you want to blog because you want to:
Once you answer the question of why you want to blog, you can narrow down your blog topic. For instance, if you want to blog to share information with family and friends, then the topic of your blog can be about anything and everything. It doesn't have to be a formal affair. What ever is your fancy of the day can be the what you write about because the readers will be your family and friends who already care about you. They are going to enjoy reading the blog because they know you and already find you interesting.

What if you want to make money blogging? Well, there are quite a few things you have to consider if you want to make money blogging because your blog is going to become a business. Just like opening a business, you need to have a business plan which requires research and a huge time investment. So blogging for money is a more intense type of blogging because you have lots of hours invested before you ever put word to post.

Then again, you may want to just educate a particular group of people about a specific topic. If you know nothing about cranial surgery, then I'm pretty sure you won't do that great of a job explaining and teaching about the nuances of cranial surgery. So if you want to have an educational blog, choose a topic that you have knowledge about AND one you enjoy enough to talk about all the time for years and years.

Obviously, the most important first question isn't What is your blog topic? Nope. The most important question is Why do you want to blog? Once you answer that question, you can focus on the topic. Actually, once you determine why you want to blog, your topic will become more evident.
  • Write down all the topics that match with the reason you want to blog. 
  • Create a long, long list of topics (brainstorm).
  • Mull over the topics for a couple weeks. 
  • Read blogs that are about each topic you listed. 
  • Make notes about the other blog's.
  • Notes should include design, tone of voice, audience and quality of contribution.
  • Mark 5-10 topics off your list.
  • Research and read more blogs for a couple weeks.
  • Mark 5-10 topics off your list.
  • Repeat the research, read and marking off topics from your list.
  • Narrow down to 10 topics..
  • Write 5-10 posts for each topic remaining on your list.
  • Now sit back and read all that you have written. 
At this point you should ask yourself a few questions like:
  • Which did you enjoy writing the most? 
  • Do you still have more to say on the topic? 
  • Does the topic satisfy the reason you want to blog? 
  • How does the competition compare with your writing? 
If you can't decide which topic you want to blog about yet, research, read and mark topics off three at a time following each elimination segment with writing 5-10 posts on each topic.

Eventually, you will get down to that one topic that just keeps you excited. The one that serves the purpose of why you want to blog. The one that you can talk about for hours without taking a breath. The one that puts a fire under your feet and makes you run to the computer.

Okay, I may exaggerate a bit, but for me, that's exactly how I feel and I can truly go on and on for hours without pausing for air about my blogs.

That process, my friends, is a solid tip on determining how to choose a blog topic that will satisfy the reason you want to blog.

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